From the Customer: Funvantage

I work at a local non-profit for youth and I have to say FunVantage has come to my rescue many times. Our attendance numbers for our weekly gatherings were dwindling throughout the summer because of so many regulars being out of town. To get some momentum and to encourage the students to invite friends I told them we would be having a free movie night and pizza party.  They were immediately excited and were ready to invite their friends. Great stuff, right?

Except the only thing is feeding a hungry hoard of teenagers isn’t exactly cheap, especially for a young start up non-profit organization like ours. Then I thought of my FunVantage membership and I wondered if they had any deals on pizza and of course they did! I got 25% off my entire online order from Papa Johns. That was a huge savings for us. The movie night was a success and everyone was well fed! Thanks FunVantage!

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